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another night lost it seems

I don’t like sour worms anymore. W h a t? Sugar clouds my thinking.

stoppunchingmyllama: Talking about TVD is always frustrating. To me tv shows fall into two categories most of the time (in fact to me most forms of fiction do), character-driven and plot-driven. TVD falls into neither categories. It is constantly assassinating their own character development and the plots are weak and half-baked at best. So much potential, shiiiiitty execution.

yes, exactly. that show is such bullshit— they’ve systematically ruined everything good about it. i blame it solely & completely on jp- who, once she was head in charge in s03, the show ~coincidentally started to go downhill. she wears romance novel goggles with everything she writes and she’s fused it way too much into her “story lines”. by doing so she’s ruined every single character & every potential plot just like you said. everything. single. thing. is trumped by romance.

i was legitimately just laughing looking at the s06 promo picture. it looks like a 10 yr old romance novel cover you’d find buried in the back of a library. their style of business is so transparent— they put what people want to see in the promo pictures to reel the viewers back in, but they have absolutely no intention of follow up. do you remember last season’s promo picture? literally had nothing to do with what actually happened. 

that’s why i’ve given up on that show & i’m not watching this season. it’s just too horrible to continue. i hope this season is it’s last. it truly needs to be put out of its misery.



fun fact everyone: seth’s speech in the pilot about how it’s just you and me buddy was one take 

leave me here to die 



Put 5 characters in my ask and I’ll put them in my preference order


lmfao @ that new tvd poster


Eli Roth: Next stop Berlin! NetflixDE, @DJCatrona @ZaneHoltz Au revoir @NetflixFR Hemlock Grove, OITNB #HastingsAir 


from dusk till dawn meme - favorite male character

"You shouldn’t call people stuff. Y’know. It’s rude."

stoppunchingmyllama: so not to be a total weirdo but I read you tags on that gif set of Stefan with the football and yeah like Stefan was always at super ultra creeper status in my books. straight out the gates. like for some reason it is the general consensus that apparently S1 Stefan was so romantic and innocent and cute blah blah and I'm just sitting here like "are you talking about the guy who like broke his finger and then leaned right into the camera and fucking corrected it in front of us" yeah that not a -



- sweetheart. that is a stone cold fucking killer. like he barely even loses a step and I’m just sitting here like “this fucker has no chill. no fucking chill at all.” Stefan is a freak and it is the best thing ever.

fuck yes, i absolutely agree 100%. that’s what makes stefan so fucking interesting. i have no idea why the fandom has always interpreted him to be this innocent little lamb who does no wrong— the fact that he is creepy and unsettling is what makes him an amazing character & attracted me in the first place. like….. he STALKED elena for months before meeting her lmfao. C R E E P  E R (and i love it). of course, MUCH later we see that he is a decent guy (victims of abuse often try to recreate their environments to “correct” their mistakes, so you can understand why stef was compelled towards elena) but he’s not saintly stefan right off the bat. and he doesn’t do it because he ~loves elena either. HE LIED TO HER  90% OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP in s01. he painted himself as somebody else entirely just to get to know her. like if that isn’t fucking creepy stalker i don’t know what is.

& to be completely honest, stefan didn’t give two shits about elena lol. no idea why the fandom romanticizes their meeting either. because he’s not doing it for her sake, it was purely selfish reasons why he was drawn to her. yeah he ended up falling for her but only after she put up with 900000% lies and bullshit from him.

i will never understand the whole damon vs stefan thing because they are essentially exactly the same (always have been, always will be) and their motives are exactly the same. because hmmm that’s the point. the brothers are always meant to parallel. (yeah, the writing’s been shoddy so it’s nearly impossible to tell— but i don’t even consider the last two seasons to be LEGIT tvd. so in my world, they always paralleled in the real tvd).

they’re both selfish & manipulative in their own ways and that’s why i love them. i honestly don’t think either of them mean it, they just have pathological problems. damon really does love unconditionally and purely (it’s gotten convoluted over the century, but the sentiment is there) and in some ways even more so than stefan, but stefan always does what’s ~socially acceptable so he comes off as inherently more normal (when he’s not).

LOVE my creepy salvabros. that’s why elena has no place in that equation— the entire premise of tvd is the salvatores and the beef they have with each other about the past.

i’m so glad i found somebody else who fully embraces & loves stefan’s creepiness as much as i do. because that’s part of him, and ignoring that is missing out on an entire facet of his personality. it’s the same with damon when ppl ignore the good parts of him just to focus on all the bad. two sides of the same coin.


Stefan and Damon are definitely more alike than people tend to think. I think for me that main defining feature between them is how they go about things. I know its kind of a chicken-egg scenario but Stefan just kind of looks more wholesome. He’s got those soft, bright eyes, the unassuming brown hair, tight square jaw. And I think because he looks this way that people also view him as being wholesome and that has a huge impact on how Stefan goes about his creepy stalker no-chill ways. A lot of Stefan’s storyline earlier on in like season two and whatnot was about how his restraint and seemingly gentleman-y ways are a cover for a much darker and terrible nature. I think Stefan has always been as bloodthirsty and selfish, etc. its just that the way people perceive him has shaped the way he goes about being that way. He’s so gentle and subtle about it that people forget how strange and off-putting his actions and behaviors actually are.

Damon just screams trouble. Blue eyes bright as the devil’s, jet black hair, he’s got all the makings of a villain. I can imagine the two of them growing up and over hearing people talking about them. They’d hear how Stefan seems like such a sweet little angel and how Damon’s a little trouble maker. And they kind of silently agree that these are the things the will be to everyone else but to each other I think they’ve always know that underneath everyone’s perception, expectations of the brothers they are far more alike than they are different. 

yeah dude, that’s what i LOVE about the brothers. people perceive stefan as the “good brother” even though early on the series (and even throughout in flashbacks) we see that he’s actually a greedy little shit. and damon, perceived and called by his father “the bad son, the disappointment” is actually more pure & honest with his devotions and desires (his undying love for katherine, his desire for something more in life; seeing the wrongdoings of war and wanting to come back home). it’s time that warped these brothers into “fitting” these good brother/bad brother roles. they labeled each other as “good/bad” even though they clearly had attributes of the opposite. that’s why their problems are so deeply psychological. that’s why they’re constantly at odds with themselves and fighting the opposite side of themselves: “i don’t do that, i’m the good brother” “i don’t do good it’s not in me”. the salvatores are a concept of literary genius and i hate hate hatewhat jp & co have done to them. ENDLESS potential for their cain and abel dynamic. jp has reducd them to lovesick, moronic puppies who are shells of the characters they used to be.

ughh these brothers. both horrible people, both amazing characters. they keep fighting to truly achieve this “good” status but what they don’t realize is that they can only do that by uniting as a front. because they’ve defined themselves through each other. it just gives me so many feels <3. i’m just endlessly pissed at what’s happened to them in the series. stefan is a goddamn personality-less doormat and damon has absolutely no regard to what he’s going & the consequences of his actions. maybe by the end of the series (even though it should’ve realistically & narratively happened seasons ago) the salvatores will be best friends again.

can you imagine if the show actually had direction & focus? and wasn’t about a pathetic, soap opera love triangle? all the shit they could do with stefan’s dr. jekyll & mr. hyde personality throughout the decades? how in depth they could get with flashbacks involving the brothers? UGHH i can’t think about it or else i get furious at all the wasted potential

i do agree with you though ^ about what you said about their looks. stefan definitely looks more angelic and damon more devilish. i love that, looks can be deceiving after all ;) i also agree w what you said involving the way they go about things. stefan’s always been more ~socially acceptable in his approach and damon more ambiguous. so it helps people categorize them as “good” and “bad” even though it’s a little bit of both. these writers suck though and there is never any resolution. it’s always ~up to the audience to fill in the gaps. the writers never follow through with anything and it’s endlessly frustrating. damon & stefan should’ve come full circle & met in the middle ages ago


no one does it bettersongs by boys covered by girls

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