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good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.
another night lost it seems

champagnekissedbitch said: idk why but i find that cat hilarious!

lmfao i know, so do i krystal. i’ve been waiting for the right time to use that cat gif for like 6 months

i have a bajillion gifset ideas but absolutely no motivation




garlic bread is fucking gross

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SOUTHWESTERN GOTHIC - creepy desert towns, navajo legends, flickering neon signs promising “last chance”, that feeling that someone is watching you from the cheap motel hall. rancher and navajo blood fueds, aztec curses and criminals who only come out at night, vanish like shadows and slip over the border like smoke, rumored to something other than human. [ l i s t e n ]

i. grindhouse (planet terror theme) - planet terror OST | ii. ain’t no easy way - black rebel motorcycle club | iii. down in mexico - the coasters | iv. no place to hide (down here) - jace everett | v. i put a spell on you - creedence clearwater revival | vi. wayfaring stranger - neko case | vii. highway 61 - dave alvin | viii. black magic woman - santana | ix. beyond here lies nothin’ - bob dylan | x. ten cent pistol - the black keys | xi. sunshine of your love - ella fitzgerald | xii. good man - heavy trash | xiii. bad moon rising - mourning ritual | xiv. dark night - the blasters | xv. witchy woman - the eagles | xvi. people are strange - echo and the bunnymen | xvii. will there be enough water - the dead weather | xviii. o death - lauren o’connell | xix. red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds 

A long time ago, in the underground realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a Princess who dreamed of the human world.

a girl’s gotta eat

slow your breath; unclench your fist. even in sleep you are ready for war.


Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week: 

      ∟Day 1: Why You Love Tyler

"So let me protect you."

         —Tyler Lockwood (3x22)


wow look at this terrible role model for young girls.