wickedplum said: that depends on where you live in texas. my sister lives in such a humid area, near the coast :( it also has no seasons D:

yeah totally. i was looking at el paso & san antonio though, and i know it’s not very humid in those places bc they’re more inland. & el paso actually gets snow and cooler winters. el paso looks like a cheap, up and coming place and i went to san antonio on my roadtrip and it was totally bomb :) any more advice you have would be great though (i need it)

i’m done living near the coast lol. i’ve lived on florida’s west coast for 5 yrs now ughh i need to leave. i can’t do humidity anymore it makes me want to die


are you even trying?


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oh wow no i’ve never heard of it lol. hey, could you maybe tell me if everything is really that yellow in texas when you get there?
omfg lmao yes. i’ll let you know.

isn’t it crazy hot there too?
yeah but the thing is, there’s practically no humidity so you don’t really feel the heat. it’s not like florida where you walk outside and you walk into a cement wall of humidity. texas is just heat which i can handle, it makes it much more bearable.
also texas actually gets seasons, which i’m looking forward to feeling again. i lived in the northeast my whole life so i miss autumn and winter, and texas gets cold & has snow sometimes. so it looks like my best option atm because i don’t want to go back to live in the northeast again.
omg melda btw i was watching this show called destination truth yesterday and it’s this paranormal show where they travel around the world investigating claims of the supernatural. and on one of the eps they were in turkey looking for the ‘van lake monster’ and i thought of you lol

why must i have 900 fanvid ideas but so little motivation?? WHYYYYY



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ercnyeager said: ohhh where are you moving?

omg i just saw this, and i’m moving to texas :) real soon, like in a couple weeks. i’m done with college THANK GOD so now I’M FREEEEE lol