can i just stress again how necessary damon’s personality is?

there’s a reason he’s included in this triangle.

someone finally told elena “no. you can’t have both.”

"you can’t have me in your life on your terms.”

stef is my absolute favorite and god love him but he’s a doormat and we all know it.

damon is so essential to the triangle’s development and i don’t think enough people realize. someone finally shoved elena’s selfish attitude back in her face.

this is triggering not only damon growth, but also elena’s and in turn stefan’s.

you’re not a puzzle-solver, you never have been. you’re a drama queen. the stakes are high, the game is on, solve it!

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Klaroline sex or Moonley sex

make me choose; anonybee asked: caryl or bethyl

"Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires."
William Shakespeare, Macbeth (via tonofstupidness)
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Your thoughts on tonight's episode?
A reply from sinnerlikemoi

I really enjoyed it. I LOVE when they give Damon, Stefan, and Elena actual new material and allow them to move on not only as a unit but as individuals. I thought the Enzo/Caroline moments had some KC overtones as always - and as predictable. It’s nice. It feels like they are acknowledging the KC relationship in a great and subtle way.

I liked how Tyler/Jer/Matt all had purpose in the episode. I like Liv & Luke and the energy they bring on screen.

PS can I get a Baroline comparison gifset of Tyler stopping Caroline at the door of his mansion while Hayley slinks around behind them and the moment where Jeremy stopped Bonnie while Liv did the EXACT same thing? God bless Baroline.

I like how Caroline is getting to be part of the main Scooby Team now - I actually even liked the Caroline / Elena scenes which — I mean, the Barolena friendship should have been the bedrock of the show and that’s why. I seriously think she is hilarious - she and Damon should have a snark off in one of the episodes one comeback after the other, I bet it would have the audience roaring.

I also enjoy Markos and I find him intriguing and beguiling in a way that is much different from Klaus and eons better than the asshole (and poorly acted imo) Silas. I thought the Stelena fantasies were pretty lame, the dialogue was lame, but I think they were intended to be exactly that way on purpose. Like they were fantasies as Stefan said — ideas of a perfect life that Stelena didn’t actually ever have. Ideas of a perfect life that no one could have. Not Stelena. Not Delena. Not Forwood. Not Klaroline. That’s not what living is. But they still had a good solid run at it, a good thing even while it was crippled with bad things.

I love the Tyler surprise at the end. I wonder what’s going to happen with that. I think the death is a toss up between Tyler and Liz — we saw the real Tyler saving Liz so maybe this Passenger!Tyler will kill her. It seems like the town is in danger and Liz will get into the fray. I really don’t want Tyler to die and I think Liz dying would be interesting for Caroline’s arc so I’m all for it at this point.

AND LASTLY CAN I SOB, LIKE LITERALLY SOB, FOR THE NEXT MILLION YEARS OVER KOL? I loved all the scenes with Matt on the Otherside but KOL??? KOL AND HIS FUCKING SAD LITTLE FUCKING FACE AND ALL OF THAT POTENTIAL WASTED SO THEY COULD MAKE A SHOW ABOUT HAYLEY? i will be rolling in my grave about what the originals could have been i swear it




dude this. exactly this. i’m really hoping tyler doesn’t die though. like i’m guessing the writers are going to try and throw a curve ball and while we all assume the deaths are going to be 2 ppl from the triangle, it’s really going to be tyler & someone else.

because i bet the writers think we think this is a fake out, that how could tyler die it’s so obvious—until it’s real.

and honestly, now that the traveler knife is will tyler come back? unless markos dies and the passengers die along with him. and honestly with tvd’s record—why would they suddenly be making tyler important if not to kill him? that’s the writer’s logic, they make you re-care about a character just so it can have an impact when they’re killed.

i’m still holding true to 2 triangle deaths, but if tyler dies i think my soul will die as well.