This live version of If I Didn’t Know Better is AMAZING WOOOOOOOOW

"Damon fans, start gearing up for an emotional hour when The Vampire Diaries signs off in May. “There’s quite a lot of suffering and celebration in the last two episodes,” Julie Plec warned teased. “Because of Markos’s efforts to make the town of Mystic Falls a magic-free zone and the imminent destruction of the Other Side, lots of lives are in jeopardy and Damon has to, as he says, ‘strap on his hero hair.’”"

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could you be more obvious?? damon obviously finally does something selfless and dies for everybody’s safety.

this writing team is wayyy to chatty— they seriously spoil everything. it honestly ruins the show. they just spoiled one of the deaths in the finale. god.

not like i didn’t already suspect that damon was gonna die but still. i can’t imagine if i didn’t.

"The final hour of Season 5 culminates in an all-out battle for Mystic Falls — against the Travelers, of course. In addition to the usual “blood, death and tears,” Dries says to brace for more reunions with “faces that we’ve been missing over the series.” (That’s right, she said “series.”) She also promises the finale “will end in true Vampire Diaries fashion, with a stunning cliffhanger that leaves us thinking, ‘Wait, what? No. Tell me that didn’t just happen.’”"
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Something bit her.

No one can make it alone now. I never could.

Stydia+ color palettes; 

Nashville: On The Record Sneak Peak (x)

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You don’t start a drug war unless you’re prepared for a slaughter down to the last man standing. Are you prepared for that? Is your family?